Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Scarlet Symphony

Last Friday night during the triplet health meltdown, I snuck away to hang out with Mike Halloran. Mike is a radio god of alternative and indie music. Here is a cool blogspost that talks about the format Mike helped to pioneer.

I wanted to talk with Mike about podcasting and Rabble and other assorted stuff. I got to hang out at the radio station he is currently at 94.9 in San Diego. I didn't know it but Mike is a big fan of Shepard Fairey so the office was very decorated and I was able to get some pics for my Flickr collection.

We talked and Mike was insistent that I go out with him that night to see a band he was raving about. Now Mike isn't one to rave, but I sat with him literally 4 years ago and he told me that emo was the next big thing in music and that Dashboard Confessionals had a good chance at being the big hit of the genre. Arguably he was right on both counts. Mike was also one of the big early boosters of Blink 182. So when someone INSISTS and they have a track record you go along.

The band we saw was Scarlet Symphony. I was floored. The band was just amazing and this is coming from someone who has seen hundreds of shows and am very infrequently impressed at live shows. I don't think that the tracks they have on their site do the live show justice but I guarantee that when they get the right producer, these guys have a chance at being enormously successful. You heard it here first. Now I need to get them on my podcast...


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